Trustless Computing for Enterprise

The Telos blockchain is well suited to any Enterprise that can benefit from creating immutable records to be shared by multiple parties without any stakeholders needing to trust another regarding the security of the data. High-speed, high-capacity, fee-less transactions make Telos a scalable platform for recording data from IoT and edge computing devices at high resolution.

As a trustless computing platform, Telos allows industry verticals and other multi-party value chains to share a single source of data without the possibility of any central party gaining control of the system at the expense of other stakeholders. This allows data to be recorded for industry-wide supply chains, granular tracking of goods distribution, tokenized assets, publicly funded partnerships, license and credential verification and numerous other application that previously relied on a trusted party.

Solutions are available for encrypting and decrypting data to manage data privacy despite public availability.

Example Solutions:

About Us:

Telos Blockchain Solutions is a London-based, multi-national consortium of developers and system operators on the Telos public blockchain, built on EOSIO technology. Our members are among the founders, operators and core developers of Telos. We are committed to helping organizations benefit from the world-class blockchain we helped create.

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